Drush Make Generator

What is a makefile?

A makefile is a macro for installing Drupal. It contains a list of files that can be fetched using the power of drush, the command line tool for administering Drupal.

Using this generator you can specify different Drupal core distributions, modules, themes, and external libraries like jQuery or WYSIWYG editors.

The end result is a small text file containing the DNA for a specific Drupal setup — YOUR perfect setup!

You need Drush Make if...


This site got hacked and given recent Drupal security problems I cannot keep it up right now. Sorry!

The source code has and always will be free, so you can set up your own instance: Code hosted on GitHub.

oo00OÖÖO000ooooorrrrr..... contribute here and maybe someday we'll get a new, improved version running.